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An Uncontrolled Expression: A Butter Keyboard



Dual Screen Video,2021

Communication technology allows us to connect with the other side of the earth, while words and emotions become data, flickering on the smooth screen.

My fingers, as a tool used to write words, as a tool now used for typing, long for an out-of-control expression.

I made a butter keyboard without letters. In a random scene, I engraved letters on the keyboard, and the positions of the engraved letters are random. In the process of typing, I keep hesitating, because the positions of the letters are chaotic and the material butter makes letters hard to see. Every time I type one letter, I need to look for a long time. At the same time, because the keyboard is butter, my finger temperature will melt it, the letters will gradually become blurred, and I have to re-engrave it.

This typing process is tedious, repetitive, and even sometimes annoying.

The keyboard finally melted, and the line of words that took me half an hour to type disappeared at the same time.

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