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4C means for Contemporary Art, for Conceptual Art, for Chinese Community, and also for the founders, Chen and Cui.

The definition of art has always been inconclusive, and this is the source of the uniqueness and creativity of contemporary art. The following views on contemporary art and conceptual art are the views and positions of 4C Gallery.


Contemporary art, as the name suggests, refers to the art that takes place in the present. Contemporary refers to a period, not a trend or category. Just like 百家争鸣, we cannot and should not try to summarize them into one trend or category of thought. What's more, in today's era where everyone can be an artist and freedom of speech is regarded as a basic universal value, all forced inductions and definitions will appear arrogant and arrogant. 4C Gallery is very general, and regards all forms (including but not limited to painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital, performance, writing, video, music, etc.), and all content as the category of contemporary art.

Conceptual art is a kind of art that takes the concept of the artist as the driving force for its creation. A work consists of two parts, content and form, or, content and art language. Content can contain ideas of all kinds, both empirical and transcendental. In extreme terms, no man-made object can escape this category. Therefore, the question of whether a work of art is conceptual art is not established in itself, and what needs to be considered should be how much the concept in this work is conveyed through its form. 4C Gallery regards all creations as conceptual art, and exhibit all works in the same way as conceptual art, with the artist's statement. We will not evaluate the works by the content of the artwork, because any concept of each artist is worthy of attention; nor will we evaluate the works by the form of the artist's creation, because the form separated from the content is empty. What we expect to see is a work with complete content and a suitable artistic expression.

We aim to provide a pure land for Chinese-speaking artist and audiences in the gap between Chinese culture and American culture, and to nurture their own soil. We will provide a continuous and professional exhibition space for Chinese American contemporary art in Los Angeles, and organize our own cultural activities for Chinese-speaking community in the United States. 


4C Gallery will always provide bilingual services in Chinese and English, welcome conceptual art in any forms.


We also hold diverse kinds of cultural programs as well, such as interviews, salons, workshops etc, to nurture Chinese new immigrants own culture.


Lisha Chen

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Jennifer Dorothy Lee


芝加哥艺术学院艺术史、理论与批评系副教授,纽约大学博士学位。她研究现代和当代中国的艺术和文化实践, 重点包括社会历史、美学理论和跨国视角。

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Rainbow box project发起人,An Art Museum策展人。主要从事中国当代艺术史论研究与写作、当代艺术批评实践、展览策划及独立艺术空间的创建与运营等工作。目前已策划与合作艺术项目200多场,其中艺术家个展50余场。


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